Too Much Noise? Our Air Conditioner Repair Team in Toronto Explains Why

AC - Repair, ServiceAnyone living in Toronto knows the importance of having a functioning air conditioning unit. The summer heat can be brutal, and most of us have been faced with a broken-down machine at least once. Ask anyone about the experience and they’re sure to respond: “never again.”

But long before your unit breaks down there are warning signs that trouble may be on the way. One thing to look out for is an excessively noisy machine. Most people don’t take this seriously, but it’s always better to get air conditioner repair work done when the problem is still relatively small and insignificant. During this article we’re going to fill you in on why a noisy machine is problematic and what causes this noise in the first place.

  1. 1.       What Causes an Air Conditioning Unit to Be Noisy?
  • Loose Components –  The fan inside a working air conditioner rotates repeatedly, causing the entire unit to vibrate. Over time internal hardware such as screws, nuts and bolts can become loose. Oftentimes the noise you hear is this hardware ratting around inside the unit.
  • The Fan Could Be Dirty or Loose. Over time the fan collects dust and dirt, and sometimes individual blades can come loose or bend. The blades will then hit against the inside of the unit, causing constant noise.
  • The Motor May Need Lubrication. Over time the internal motor that turns the fan can get gummed up with dust, dirt and other debris. A dirty motor will make a grinding noise that gets worse and worse the longer you wait to do something about it.
  • The Refrigerant May Be Out of Balance. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your compressor to fail, and a sure sign of a soon to fail compressor are the vibrations that come from your compressor unable to cope with the amount of refrigerant in your lines. Compressor replacement will cost as much as 50% of the value of a new Condenser Coil (the outside) unit.

2.       My Air Conditioner is Noisy. So What?

Many people ignore the problem, refusing to look into air conditioner repair until the noise becomes unbearable. Here’s why you shouldn’t make that mistake:

  • Noise caused by a dirty motor or fan means that the machine is being forced to work extra hard. This adds up to more wear and tear and a higher energy bill. Want to pay for energy that doesn’t translate into a cooler home? Didn’t think so.
  • Over time the motor will wear down if it’s not properly lubricated. Replacing it isn’t cheap, so it’s much better to undertake regular maintenance.
  • Bent blades will continue to get worse. If dealt with early they can usually be bent into place. If not, you may need to shell out a pretty penny for new ones altogether.
  • Leaking refrigerant is the leading cause of AC repair, is bad for the environment and can cost over $1000 to repair. The earlier you catch this, the less extensive the damage will be.

Now that You Know You Need Air Conditioner Noise Repair, What Should You Do?

In some cases the problem is minor and you can fix it yourself. If you aren’t particularly handy or your unit is in worse shape than you thought, call the experts at AirPlus. Here’s why:

  • Over the past 23 years Airplus has built a reputation as one of the best heating and cooling companies in the Toronto area. They’ve earned this rep through impeccable customer service, stellar repairs and reasonable prices.
  • The expert technicians at Airplus are experienced with central air conditioners, ductless ACs and high-velocity units. Regardless of the machine you have, we’ve seen and dealt with it.
  • We offer everyone a free estimate, so you never need to worry about paying more than you intended to.
  • We’ve built a loyal group of customers who swear by their service. In 2013 we received the top honours in the Scarborough Mirror reader’s choice survey.

If your machine is noisy, you may or may not need air conditioner repair. However, it’s something that should be dealt with promptly, or you run the risk of big problems later. Luckily for you, AirPlus has got you covered either way. If it turns out your unit doesn’t need repairs, you won’t be charged a penny. Call us today at 416.298.6874 or book a service appointment online at

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