Air Conditioner Repair – Refrigerant Refill & Top-up

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Do you need air conditioner  repair –  refrigerant refill & top-up: 

If your air conditioner is not producing enough cold air or your upper floors are not cooling properly, there is a chance that your  air conditioner may require repair of  a refrigerant refill. The cost of air conditioner refrigerant varies.  This is due to several factors including the type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses uses and the quantity of refrigerant required to bring return it to the manufacturers recommendation.

Type of Refrigerant: 

Cost of refilling will greatly depend on what type of refrigerant your current A/C unit may need.  Most units older units use R-22 gas and most of new high efficiency air conditioners (AC’s) are using new gas called R410A.  R-22 is the older model of the two and in process to be phased out by the EPA.  The price for R-22 has increased significantly over the past few years due to its scarcity in the market and is projected to increase even more. If you have an older air conditioner (AC) which is still using R-22 gas this may be the time to upgrade to a new high efficiency air conditioner if you live in Toronto or surrounding area of Ontario. Buying or renting new air conditioner will help you avoid costly R-22 refrigerant refills. All new high efficiency air conditioners are now using R410 refrigerant which is also considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Reducing your Refrigerant Cost: 

Many contractors will try to add more refrigerant to your air conditioner every time it is low which may be happening often.  At AirPlus Canada, we can perform a full leak test to determine the reason for your system to require refrigerant.  If your system is leaking refrigerant there may be a need for a line replacement, cooling coil replacement or even air conditioning condenser replacement to eliminate future leaks and costly refrigerant refills. If you are considering upgrading to a new high efficiency air conditioner we offer several affordable methods of payment including purchasing and financing your new high efficiency air conditioner.

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