AirPlus Financing your Furnace or Air Conditioner – What’s the catch?

AirPlus financing is the easiest way to afford a new furnace or air conditioner, and even pay for that high tech wifi stat and air purifier, but what’s the catch?

We live in Canada – we NEED a furnace, and when those hot humid days come in summer we WANT an air conditioner, but they’re not cheap and most of us haven’t planned on replacing our equipment. So how can  we afford to pay? Some of us will use our savings and pay in cash, others will tap in to a home-owner line of credit, still others will pay on a credit card, and the lucky ones will use AirPlus financing options.





What’s the Catch?

  1. AirPlus financing is always based on an approved credit application. Our partners require you to be the registered owner of the property where you want the new equipment installed.
  2. AirPlus financing always includes interest expense. Did you hear someone offering Zero Percent financing? There is no such thing. All financing companies expect to be paid, so when someone offers No Interest, they are really just burying the interest expense into the cost the equipment.
  3.  AirPlus financing is Not Rental. You own the equipment, and your obligation is to pay out your loan to our financing partners. Your monthly payment will not escalate the way a rental agreement will.
  4. AirPlus financing interest rates are fixed for 5 years. This is the same for almost every other financing company. When you see a financing term such as 60/120, this  refers to the first 60 months interest  rate is fixed, on a 120 month amortization.

So  – that’s the catch – we’ve pulled back the curtain so you can really see how AirPlus  equipment financing works. If you are  still with us, then we want you to know the benefits of AirPlus financing.

Financing with AirPlus benefits:

  1. AirPlus financing is easy to apply for and easy to qualify for. You can apply online, through our secure website and get and immediate approval. Our financing partners approve over 95% of homeowners applications.
  2. AirPlus financing is open and inexpensive. Your finance agreement can be paid off at any time, with no penalty. Your rates are cheaper than a credit card, cheaper than cash, and do not use any of your personal or home-owner line of credit.
  3. AirPlus financing is flexible. You can choose a standard 120 month payment plan, or choose 24 month to 60 month terms. All options can be paid off at any time with no penalty – you choose how much you want to pay.
  4. AirPlus financing gives you power to choose exactly the system you want. Do you want the modulating furnace? How about the 20 SEER air conditioner? Really want the UV air purifier, or the touchscreen wifi stat, but thought you couldn’t afford it? Well with AirPlus financing you can have exactly the system you want.

So that’s the pitch – AirPlus financing is easy, open and inexpensive, flexible and gives you the power to choose what you want.


An AirPlus financing application is easy and has no obligation. Click on this link to see how easy it is to get approved, and then call AirPlus at 416.298.6874 to start the process of purchasing your new equipment. You can even shop online HERE.

Financing from AirPlus is provided by our partners SNAP Financial and HomeTrust, and is an easy way to add exactly the home comfort and home health system you want and need for your family.

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