Avoid This Air Conditioner Repair Scam This Summer

When your central air conditioner goes out during the middle of summer in Toronto, Hamilton or Niagara, your first priority is to get it up and running again before you lose your sanity. The desire for a quick fix leads many to hire the first low-cost repair offer they can find.

While most repair services out there are both qualified and trustworthy, each year some people fall prey to scams. Don’t be one of them.

Look Out for Too-Low Air Conditioner Repair Prices

Sometimes a company will offer a one-time maintenance for an absurdly low price; for example $49 when a standard service may cost three times that. It costs more than that for a company to send a professional to your home, so they’re doing something to make up the difference.

This is called the “bait and switch” scam. The maintenance man will take a look at your central air conditioner and tell you that it’s in grave condition. You need a series of repairs to get it running again; replacement parts that need to be specially ordered.  The repairman may even try to sell you on a completely new unit costing thousands of dollars!

In most cases this person was hired because he/she was persuasive and could make a strong sales pitch. Most know little-to-nothing about air conditioner repair, so will trust the “expert” opinion in any case.

While the intense summer heat may get to your head, don’t fall prey to this scam. Don’t bother with a service if the price seems too-good-to-be-true, and never buy a new air conditioner without getting a second opinion. And an estimate should always be free!

How to Avoid the Scam

There are plenty of trustworthy heating and cooling companies out there, so make sure to take a little extra time and effort in choosing the best one. There is no shortage of consumer information and reviews readily available online. Look for the following:

  1. 1.       Proper licensing
  1. 2.       Member of the Better Business Bureau
  1. 3.       Positive customer feedback
  1. 4.       A price in line with the industry standard for air conditioner repair
  1. 5.       A detailed written estimate at no charge

There are plenty of trustworthy air conditioner repair companies in Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton and the surrounding area. AirPlus is regarded as one of the best in the industry with a reputation for quality, fair prices and a customer-focused approach to business. If you are having troubles with your Air Conditioner, call us today at 416.298.6874 or book an appointment online at www.airplus.ca


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