How Can You Minimize Your Central Air Conditioner Bill This Summer?

Summer in Toronto is hot. Really hot. Having a central air conditioner isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. That being said, most of us prefer to keep energy costs to a minimum.

Is it possible to keep your home comfortable while also keeping costs manageable? Luckily, the answer is yes. Follow our simple steps, and both your family and your budget will thank you.

How to Run Your Central Air Conditioner While Keeping Costs Down

  1. 1.       Keep Vents Open and Clean

Your central air conditioner uses your home’s ventilation system to circulate cool air throughout. If vents aren’t working properly, that cool air won’t get where it’s supposed to go. This means that your machine will have to work extra hard to maintain your home’s internal temperature.

The result? Wasted energy and a high heating and cooling bill. So take a few minutes to make sure that all vents are clean and open.

  1. 2.       Use Fans to Circulate Air

Running a few fans in key places (doorways, hallways, etc.) will stimulate general air flow in your home, helping to keep the temperature cool. If you spend time upstairs, be sure that fans are helping cool air move upward.

While the fans do use some energy themselves, it’s much less than the strain you would put on your central air conditioner due to poor air circulation. You get the same result with a lower energy bill.

  1. 3.       Close Blinds During the Daytime

Part of the reason our homes are hot during summertime is because heat enters directly through sunlight. Even when you aren’t home, it’s important to keep the blinds closed during a hot spell.

It’s a simple step that will keep your home naturally cooler and keep more money in your bank account. Investing in special light-deflecting window covers is also a great way to keep your home cool.

  1. 4.       Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner

This tip will keep your monthly bills manageable while also preventing the necessity of air conditioner repair. Simple steps like making sure that the air filter is clean and that the machine is level and was installed properly will keep it running at an optimal level.

For most of us struggling through a Toronto summer, keeping our homes cool (and our sanity in the process!) is priority number one. But it is possible to do that without running up a high energy bill.

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