Why You Should Consider a Professional Heating and Cooling Audit in Toronto

A complete assessment of your home’s energy consumption measures efficiency. In order to determine this statistic, regular testing and maintenance of your heating and cooling system is necessary. Though before you attempt your own audit, consider that it’s a fairly complicated process. Time, equipment, and skill could be potential hurdles keeping you from determining the efficacy of your heating and cooling system. You may discover an air conditioner repair is necessary, for example, but do you own the tools or have the knowledge required to perform the repair? A professional audit conducted by someone with a trained eye relieves the homeowner of all of these concerns, many of which they may be incapable of addressing on their own.

Reasons to Arrange a Professional Heating and Cooling Audit

  • Examining Insulation– Inadequate insulation means your heating and cooling system will be working overtime, using more energy than it should. A professional auditor can determine the quality of insulation needed or fortify what exists, helping to guard your home against the whims of extreme Toronto seasons. With the use of specialized tools, like a thermographer, your auditor will be  able to detect what goes unnoticed by the naked eye. Concentrations of heat in the house will reveal themselves with a reading, giving a solid confirmation of where energy is escaping from the house. Based on your home’s trouble spots, they will then suggest optimal ways of ensuring maximum efficiency and take the necessary steps to achieve those goals.
  • Testing Air Ducts– Leaky ducts result in your heating and cooling system working extra hard to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, which also puts an extra strain on your wallet. A professional auditor will know if your ducts need to be repaired or replaced and will have the ability to perform either task.
  • Replacing Parts– When the air conditioner is operating, does it take longer than usual for the house to cool? Does its output seem to be less than what it typically yields? Defective mechanisms or a worn motor may be why your central air conditioner operates inconsistently. An auditor can diagnose the seriousness of the situation and either repair what’s failing—or recommend an entire replacement. Heeding the advice of someone who makes assessments like these on a regular basis may save you money in the long run, rather than relying on incessant, futile repairs.
  • A Blower Door Test– Simulating the passage of large amounts of air into the house determines where your home may be experiencing excessive energy loss. Who knew that cracks and small holes in the walls could allow for substantial energy waste? Bolstering seals  can help to achieve maximum energy efficiency when well planned and expertly executed. With busy lifestyles and a lack of knowledge and experience, it’s often most practical to leave crucial, precise work like this in the hands of a professional.
  • Calibrating Your Thermostat– Few things can be more frustrating than diligently working to maintain your heating and cooling system, yet still being left shocked every time the utility bills arrive. Despite your best efforts, an undetected issue could be to blame. Even dust settling on a thermostat can affect a heating and or cooling system’s performance. A capable, competent auditor will spot these issues, which are often easily overlooked by the average homeowner.

We all want to save money without compromising comfort. But the typical homeowner can be totally unaware of or unprepared for the faulty components that can compromise the functioning of a heating and cooling system. The best solution is always to work with a qualified solution if you are looking to consistently achieve high levels of energy efficiency.

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