Factors that Can Affect the Energy Efficiency of Your Central Air Conditioning System

airplus heating & coolingEnergy efficiency is a term on the lips of government officials around the globe; never has it been more important to use energy sensibly and conserve it where possible. Any time you go to buy a product nowadays, the fact that one model is “energy efficient” and can knock X amount of dollars off of your annual energy bill is used as one of the biggest selling points. It’s no different with air conditioning units and while professional air conditioner repair and maintenance services can help to boost energy efficiency and performance, if the right choices are not made prior to the air conditioner installation, the energy efficiency of your system will suffer. During this article we are going to discuss some of the main mistakes that are made when a central air conditioner is selected, as well as a number of other factors that can have a significant impact upon its energy efficiency.

Issues that Can Lead to Your Central Air Conditioner Operating Less Efficiently

AirPlus has worked with thousands of clients in Toronto, Scarborough and Pickering over the last twenty years and before we install a new central air conditioning system, we always carry out an onsite consultation that includes a thorough assessment of your home to ensure the following factors are not going to impair performance or energy efficiency; if we come across anything that could have this affect we will educate you on the steps that need to be taken to resolve the issue.

  • Incorrect Size – If the central air conditioning unit isn’t the correct size for the size of your home, it has zero chance of achieving optimum energy efficiency. This is why it’s essential that you work with a qualified HVAC professional when having such a system installed, as one wrong choice here can lead to years of overpaying on your energy bills. If the system is too big for your home, performance won’t suffer but more energy will be consumed than is really needed. However, if you undersize your central air conditioning unit, it will have to be operating constantly to achieve the desired effect, which not only shortens the lifespan, but drives your energy bills up too.
  • Lack of Control – Even if the perfect central air conditioner is installed at your home, if you use it incorrectly energy efficiency will suffer. At the most basic level, having control over operation times and specific temperature settings can prove invaluable. Make sure the unit you select provides you with these options.
  • Poor Insulation – The energy consumption of a central air conditioner can increase by up to 30 percent if the ductwork is poorly insulated or the ducts themselves are damaged. This problem is particularly prevalent in split central air conditioning systems, where there is a unit located outdoors with pipes leading to the interior of your home. When conducting assessments of existing systems this is one issue our team investigates right away, as it can be a very quick way to boost a system’s energy efficiency.
  • Maintenance is Neglected – After completing an air conditioner installation we always stress the importance of regular maintenance and an annual service check. However, many homeowners choose to pass on this and after a certain period of time the system will no longer be able to continue functioning at the same level of efficiency; components will become worn or maybe even seriously damaged. The energy efficiency of a central air conditioner can be increased by as much as 60 percent simply by having a professional check the condition of components and cleaning or installing replacements as necessary. It’s also important to ensure the unit is easy to get to as hard-to-reach locations could make proper maintenance difficult.
  • Inadequate Air Distribution – It doesn’t matter how well the rest of the system is working, if the cool air isn’t distributed throughout your home properly, the energy efficiency of your system will suffer. The effectiveness of the air distribution is largely down to the design of the network of ducts that run through your home, and it’s important to consider the layout of the rooms in your home as well as the way they are furnished in order to increase the effectiveness of this airflow.
  • Improper Use & Human Error – Sometimes, poor energy efficiency is quite simply the fault of those that use the central air conditioning unit. You need to be aware of exactly how it works and when you should be using your air conditioning. You can also reduce the demand placed on the system by using blinds and curtains during the day to prevent the sun’s rays from increasing the indoor temperature at your home. Leaving doors and windows open can also have a negative effect on energy efficiency.

If you have a central air conditioning unit that you don’t believe is performing as efficiently as it could be, contact the AirPlus Canada air conditioner repair team today. We can complete a full system check and make the changes required to reduce energy consumption and drive your energy bills down. Since 1993, AirPlus Canada has served over 14,000 clients in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

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