Fall Maintenance Tips for your furnace or boiler

Furnace InstallationYou probably won’t enjoy hearing this, but winter is coming.   I know you recall the marathon winter of 2014 where your heating system, furnace or boiler was working overtime to keep you warm.  If you didn’t get around to having you heating system, furnace or boiler, serviced during the summer, don’t worry, there is still time to call in a technician from AirPlus Heating & Cooling, professional.

Here are 4 fall furnace maintenance tips for your furnace or boiler.

  1. Check for signs of damage: Start your furnace or boiler and keep it running for some time. Listen to the sound it makes for anything unusual. Feel the hot air coming out of to see if it is producing heat efficiently.
  2. Have your furnace or boiler cleaned: The furnace or boiler has likely been left unused and practically unattended for the whole summer. It may have accumulated a lot of dust, dirt and other particles that can lower its efficiency and even damage components. Call AirPlus Heating & Cooling a technician will clean your  furnace or boiler, remove all the dust, dirt, and debris so it is running at maximum efficiency.
  3. Check the thermostat: The thermostat senses the temperature in your home and controls the amount of heat that will be produced. Have a service professional check the thermostat to see whether it is giving the correct room temperature or not. If it is not giving an accurate temperature or not initiating your furnace or boiler , you may have to have a new thermostat installed.
  4. Hire the right expert: After you have determined that your furnace or boiler needs repair and maintenance, hire a good and reliable contractor. Before hiring the contractor, ask your friends and neighbors for advice and do some research on the internet. Find a trained and certified expert with many years of experience. Check with the local office of the Better Business Bureau to find out if the contractor is good one and ask the contractor to give you an estimate of costs and the details of repair and replacement needed.

The goal is to have your furnace ready for winter so that you won’t have to make a call to an HVAC contractor when it becomes freezing cold.  You should have your furnace or boiler ready for winter well before the end of the fall because you can never tell when the first cold front will happen.

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