Boiler Repair

Boilers are a modern convenience that has become a necessity. Anyone who has had their boiler go out during a Toronto winter can attest to that. If you find yourself without hot water, contact our friendly staff immediately. We’ve been performing boiler installations and repair work in the Toronto area since 1993 and have developed a reputation for stellar service.

Why We’re the Top Option in Toronto for Boiler Repair

There are two important aspects of boiler repair. The first is that it is done promptly. The second and most important aspect is that repairs are done right, ensuring that you’ll only have to open your wallet once. Here’s why you should give us a call:

  1. 1.       We Deal with Heat Pumps, Boilers, Water Tanks and Tankless Water Heaters

While some companies handle only one aspect of the water heating process, we repair all of it. Regardless of the cause of your water heater going out, our repairman has the tools and expertise to get it up and running in no time.

Our expert staff is trained to handle either of the two main types of boilers: hot water or steam.

  1. 2.       24/7 Emergency Service

If your boiler stops working at midnight on Christmas Eve, we’re there for you. Boilers don’t wait for a convenient time to stop working, so we’ll get a trained professional to your home in no time, anytime.

  1. 3.       Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that our expert staff will do the job right the first time. But we realize that as a customer, it’s important to have the peace of mind that a guarantee provides. So in the event that you aren’t completely satisfied with our service, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

  1. 4.       Fair Prices

We provide the best quality boiler repair you’ll find and we do it at competitive prices. What’s more, our professionals will give you a free estimate.

If you live in Toronto or the surrounding area and find yourself in need of boiler repair, call our friendly customer service team at 416-298-6874. For emergency repairs, call 24/7 at 1-800-650-9522.