Furnace Repair or Replacement: Which is the Best Option in Your Situation?

furnace_repair_tech“You have to spend money to make money” is an expression that is commonly used by business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. In a certain sense the expression is also applicable when your furnace breaks down and you have to make a decision with regards to whether you contract a furnace repair technician or you simply have the entire furnace unit replaced with a newer model. Sometimes spending money (having a new furnace installed) can save you significant amounts of money in the long term. However, it’s not always necessary to have the furnace replaced and incur such a significant upfront cost; sometimes furnace repair can resolve the problem for a considerably lower cost and is a more viable option. But how do you make this choice? As one of the leading HVAC companies in the Toronto region, this is a question AirPlus professionals are familiar with and during this article we are going to outline the main factors to consider when you find yourself in this situation.

Furnace Repair Vs Furnace Installation: Factors to Consider

While every situation is unique and there are often different variables present, if your furnace breaks down you should generally think about the following points.

Age of Your Furnace

If your furnace has been a permanent fixture since you moved into your home some 30 years ago, it’s almost always best to opt for a new installation over furnace repair, as the chances of the same problem resurfacing or other problems developing are very high. Continual furnace repair work will eventually exceed the cost of a new furnace. However, if your furnace is relatively new (less than 5 years old) and this is the first time you have experienced a problem, contacting a company like AirPlus to repair the problem is usually the better option.

How Efficiently Your Furnace Operates

This factor is often directly linked to the age of your furnace. Older furnaces — those that were installed 20 or more years ago — generally carry a much lower efficiency rating than the models available today. Some operate at an efficiency as low as 70%, while the higher end models offered nowadays by Toronto HVAC companies such as AirPlus can reach efficiency levels of 98%. Why does this matter? The more efficiently your furnace operates, the lower the amount of energy it consumes and consequently the lower the bills are that you receive. If your furnace operates relatively inefficiently, a new furnace installation usually make more sense since the money you save through lower energy costs will be greater than cost of the installation itself.

The Cost of Furnace Repair

This factor will go a long way to determining the best course of action for your given situation, although it will depend on the type of furnace you have. If the repair work will only cost a few hundred dollars at most and the furnace is relatively “young,” then this is often the best option. However, if the furnace repair costs exceed a thousand dollars it is often worth at least investigating the possibility of having a new one installed, particularly if the furnace is relatively old.

Your Future Plans

Whether you intend to stay at your property for the foreseeable future or not will also be a factor you need to consider. If you have no plans to move anytime soon (or at all) a new installation is a viable option since you will be there to experience the benefits firsthand. However, if your home is on the market and you expect to be moving in the next few months, furnace repair is the better route to take. If you had a new furnace installed in this situation you wouldn’t be around for long enough to profit financially; in fact you would most likely make a heavy loss.

AirPlus Can Help You to Make the Right Decision

If you aren’t particularly knowledgeable about heating systems or the furnace unit you have installed at your home it can be difficult to come to a decision, even when considering the points we have raised above. If you would like some professional help to ensure the decision you make is the right one, contact AirPlus — we carry out diagnostic checks for no charge whatsoever! Indicators that we typically look out for when inspecting a furnace include:

  • Whether the furnace has had frequent repair work carried out on it in the recent past.
  • Energy bills that have skyrocketed in the last few months without actually using the heating any more than normal.
  • Signs of humidity in your home.
  • Strange noises coming from the furnace or a general increase in operating noise.
  • Furnaces that emit dust, soot or dirt on a regular basis.
  • Cracks in the furnace’s construction or signs of rust.

If your furnace has broken down and you are not sure whether furnace repair or replacement is the best course of action, contact the team at AirPlus today. We will dispatch a technician to your location quickly no matter where you are in the Greater Toronto Area, who will provide you with an accurate assessment of your system and make a recommendation based on that information.

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