Furnace Repair and Troubleshooting: Figure Out the Problem

Like many other appliances around your house, furnaces and heating systems will generally develop some problems over time. However, your heating system is probably more important than most of your other household appliances. When there are problems or repairs to be made, it is wise to call in a reliable Toronto furnace repair company as soon as you can to fix the issue.

At times you may want to try and troubleshoot the problem on your own; it does help to eliminate the possible causes. If you already perform regular furnace repair and maintenance, however, then the issues that arise will not be easily fixed by vacuuming or by replacing the filter. All the same, if you would like to figure out what the problem is before calling in a Toronto based expert, here is a guide that will help you. (This guide applies to regular gas and propane furnaces.)

  1. Start with the thermostat. Take a look at your thermostat. Is it on? If so, ensure that the set temperature is higher than the current room temperature. While you are trying to figure out what the problem is with your furnace, you can even turn it up higher than normal. If the fan is not running, turn your fan into “on” mode.
  2. Is your power on? If the blower motor is running, you can go ahead and switch the fan back to its regular “automatic” mode on your thermostat. If you switch the fan on and it isn’t running, however, you will need to check a few components. Look at the circuit breaker, the fuses, and the power switch. If the breaker is tripped, leave it as is for a moment. Take a look at the wiring, and see if there are any loose wires or connections. Are there any burnt spots? If so, you may have to call a furnace repair person in to replace the board. After double-checking these things, reset your breaker.
  3. The inspection window. In the case that neither your fuses nor breaker were tripped, take a look through your inspection window – it should allow you to look at the blower compartment. You should see a light. If you don’t see a red or green light, here are the things that could be broken: your thermostat, transformer, blower motor, or your furnace control board. In any case, it is best to call in a Toronto furnace repair expert to take a look and determine exactly what is wrong here. None of these components will be easy to replace on your own.
  4. The pump. If your furnace has a condensate pump, take a look at the reservoir to make sure that it is not full. Usually there is a float switch on furnaces of this type, which will switch the furnace off if the reservoir gets too full.
  5. Check the pilot light. Does your furnace utilize a standing pilot? See that it is lit up; the flame should touch the point of your thermocouple. If this is not the case, the thermocouple may need to be replaced. Further, if your pilot light is fine, but the burners refuse to turn on, then it may be a problem with your thermostat, the board, or even your gas valve. Call a Toronto furnace repair professional in to take a look at the problem before the colder days set in.
  6. Touch the side of your furnace. If it is cool, then one of the problems just mentioned above are probably to blame. If your furnace feels warm to the touch, however, then keep on troubleshooting. Does your furnace have an inducer motor? Is it running well? If it isn’t, the motor or your control board are the likely causes of the problem, and will need to be examined by a professional.
  7. Check the ignition. If your unit uses a sparking ignition, you should be able to hear it trying to light the pilot or the main burner – it will make a clicking noise. If the ignition isn’t working, then call a Toronto furnace repair guy in to fix it immediately. It might be blocked, damaged, or there may again be a problem with the control board. It is also possible that the ignition simply needs to be properly cleaned.
  8. Will the main burners turn on? Assuming your pilot light and ignition is working fine, turn your attention to the main burners. If they don’t turn on at all, check to see if you have an adequate gas supply. If you don’t know how to do this, call in a furnace repair technician. If your burners do come on but won’t stay on for longer than a few seconds, then the problem may lie with your flame sensor or condensate drain (if your unit has this element).
  9. The blower motor. If you have eliminated all these problems, turn your furnace on, and see if your blower turns on after a few minutes. If it doesn’t, this is a problem that will need to be addressed. A furnace repair expert should check the motor and the run capacitor, and perform any fixes necessary to make sure that your system runs safely and smoothly.
  10. Perform a final check. Once you have made sure that all these possible furnace repair issues have been either eliminated or addressed, you should observe the system through a full operation cycle. Your fan should keep running for at least two minutes after the burners turn off. If it doesn’t continue running, or if it keeps running for too long, then the fan limit control may need to be replaced. Further, you should also check temperatures using a thermometer. The label plate in your furnace should provide you with an indication of what the acceptable range of difference between the room temperature and the air exiting the registers should be.

Reliable Toronto Furnace Repair

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