Gas Furnace Repair: Core Components that Sometimes Go Wrong

furnace_repair_techYour furnace is an integral part of a healthy home environment, providing the heat you require to keep warm on those long cold winter nights we experience every year in the Toronto area. It’s vital that each year you have a professional HVAC engineer come out to your property to inspect your furnace and check the condition of all of its core components, as well as giving them a clean. It’s during the annual service that faulty components are often identified, which can contribute to your furnace performing below par. While a gas furnace repair should always be left to a trained technician, it is useful to have a basic knowledge of the main components of a furnace, the roles they fulfil and how to tell if they are not performing correctly, as faults may sometimes develop in the period between annual service checks.

Natural Gas Furnace Repair: Core Components that Sometimes Go Wrong

Is your furnace unable to produce the warm, toasty effect you look forward to after finishing work? Gas furnaces function by taking cool air from your home, heating it up and then circulating it through the property using specially designed ducts. If your furnace is no longer able to do that, it could be that one of the core components listed below has been damaged and you will require furnace repair in order to get the system back to full working order. Here is a brief introduction into some of your furnace’s main components.


If your furnace is a good number of years old, it is highly likely that it utilizes a pilot-light to ignite the fuel source (which is typically natural gas or propane). Nowadays, in many cases pilot-lights have been replaced with an electrical type of ignition known as a silicon nitride “glow stick.” Your furnace cannot work without this component, and if your furnace fails to start, it’s a good indicator that the ignition is faulty and a furnace repair technician will need to replace it with a new one.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger ensures the combustion process that occurs within the furnace is kept separate from the air you breath in around your home, and holds cold air in place until it reaches a suitably hot temperature, at which point it is blown into the duct work and distributed around your home. Broken heat exchangers need to be repaired immediately, so it’s important you are familiar with the symptoms. First, take a look at the flame. It should be steady and a clear blue. If it is jumping around all over the place and contains either orange or yellow, you need to contact a furnace repair technician immediately. The same is true if the inside of the furnace contains a large amount of soot, as this is an indication of improper combustion.


The blower performs a key role in distributing the air that has been warmed by the furnace, drawing it into the systems duct work. The blower should only be activated when a certain air temperature is reached. Should it activate itself continuously or not at all, you most likely have a problem that will require professional furnace repair.


The thermostat is one of the key components that is incorporated into the design of any furnace and is something you are most probably already familiar with. It allows you to adjust temperature settings to modify the functioning of the furnace, and in the case of programmable thermostats, allows you to program the furnace to adjust its output at predetermined times. If the furnace seems to be failing to respond to the temperature settings you program it with, a furnace repair technician will usually have to install a new thermostat.


Filters ensure a high air quality inside your property by filtering out dust particles, pollen and pet dander, among other things, as the air passes through into the furnace. This means the air that is released from your furnace is likely far purer than the air that went into it. Depending on your furnace, you may be able to change the filter yourself but it’s vital you purchase the correct type. Utilizing the services of a professional furnace repair technician is the only way to guarantee this is done properly.
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