Improve your Heating Efficiency with a Modern Condensing Boiler

Boilers provide hot water or steam for heating your home.  A wide range of boiler types and sizes are available to meet the varied needs of your home heating.

Most boilers have three main parts:

  • A burner that converts the fuel to heat,
  • A heat exchanger that transfers the heat to steam or water, and a boiler vessel.
  • A chimney stack draws off the combustion by-products (flue gases), and the hot water or steam flows through a distribution system to its end uses.

Natural gas and oil are the most common fuels used in boilers. Propane, electricity, coal and biomass are also used. Electric boilers are generally found where combustion boiler fire hazards pose safety risks and where it is important to reduce air pollution.

Figure 1:  Boiler configuration – a schematic of the combustion process.

Boiler Configuration
The service life of a boiler life is approximately 25 years, so it is essential to consider both long-term fuel and maintenance costs along with initial capital costs when buying or retrofitting your existing boiler system.
Fuel costs for a new high-efficiency model can be up to 40 percent lower than for a conventional one. Over 25 years, this results in significant savings.   In many cases, simply retrofitting an existing boiler can improve efficiency by 20 percent or more.

High-efficiency Condensing Boilers

A modern condensing boiler features additional advanced heat exchanger designs and materials that extract more heat from the flue gases before they are exhausted. The temperature of the flue gases is reduced to the point where the water vapour produced during combustion condenses back into liquid form, releasing latent heat, which improves energy efficiency. With approximately 12% of the energy of a gas-fired boiler tied up as latent heat, this represents a significant energy-savings potential.

Modern condensing boilers have energy efficiencies of 90% to 96%. New conventional non-condensing models have energy efficiencies of only 70% to 85%.  Many boilers over 20 years old typically operate at only 60% to 70% efficiency, making them good candidates for upgrading or replacement.

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Source: Copyright Natural Resources Canada

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