Key Considerations When Selecting an Air Conditioner for Installation

When the time comes to select a new model for air conditioner installation, there is no better place to turn than to the experts at Air Plus. Choosing a model that is best for you, your home, and your family is no easy task. There are a multitude of factors and options to consider, and the process of choosing a new air conditioner system will basically be an exercise in determining your needs and the needs of those around you.

If you live in Toronto, Scarborough, or Durham, consider giving Air Plus a call. Whether you need a brand new air conditioner installation, want to get an old system replaced, or would simply like a free diagnostic evaluation, we can provide you with exactly what you need. We specialize in all things HVAC-related, and provide the best services and warranties in town.

At Air Plus we also believe in providing our clients with all the information that they require. This allows you to make solid, well-informed decisions, and works out to both your benefit and ours. Our job is to provide you with the quality products and services that you need, and if you aren’t happy with what you receive, then we aren’t doing our job right. The following are key things that you need to know when trying to decide on the best model for your air conditioner installation.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Air-Conditioner: Key Considerations When Selecting an Air Conditioner for InstallationFirst of all, you need to know the main types of air conditioning systems or units that are out there. You will need to take stock of what your house or apartment requires, and then work from there. Each air conditioning system has its own specific functions and limitations.

    • Window-mounted units. These are the classic, small air conditioning units that are designed to fit double-hung windows. They are relatively cheap and easy to install, and will work quite well in smaller spaces or rooms. Usually they will not work in average-sized houses, as their capacity will be overstretched.
    • Wall-mounted units. These air conditioners are mounted within a wall, and thus are more permanent than window-mounted units. They have greater capacity as well, and will cost a little more to install.
    • Split systems. Split-system air conditioning units come in two variations: mini split and central. These systems have much more capacity than the traditional wall- or window-mounted single units; split systems can supply cooled air to several indoor units (typically up to eight). If the system has a heat pump, it can perform both heating and cooling functions.
    • Central air conditioning systems. These ducted systems are typically used to provide air conditioning to an entire house or a commercial space. Temperature control in multiple zones is possible, if air control louvers are included.
    • Portable units. These are small units on wheels, which you can use in multiple spaces as needed. They have a rather small capacity, so are only a good option if you feel like you will only use it in your apartment for a couple of weeks in the whole year.

Which system do you think might meet your needs? How much space does your air conditioner installation need to take care of? If you have an idea at this point, then you have already gotten the first step out of the way. Either way, it should not be too complicated to assess which type you need. Basically, small areas and confined spaces (like a single bedroom) might be served well by a window-mounted or portable model. For houses, depending on their size, you will want to choose between the remaining options.

Air Conditioner Installation: More Features to Consider

Besides making sure that you choose a model with sufficient horsepower to cool down your home, you will also need to take other factors into account. Be sure that you select a model with a good energy rating. An expensive air conditioner installation will be a bad investment if you end up having to pay astronomical electricity bills.

Further, when it comes to air conditioning systems, use well-known brand names as benchmarks. Industry standards like Mitsubishi and Panasonic will have all the latest features and the full selection of systems. You can also use the brands to judge the cost you might have to pay, relative to the quality that you will get.

Here are the key considerations when selecting an air conditioner for installation:

    • Humidity control. This is a key feature for many people. Air conditioning can often leave the air too dry, especially for those with more sensitive skin. Further, different individuals simply prefer different humidity levels. It is an option worth asking about and considering.
    • Power-saving. Management systems that save power (and money!) are very useful, and greatly increase your energy efficiency.
    • Remote controls. This one is usually a given, especially with larger units – but be sure to double check before you have your air conditioner installation completed! Remote controls really help with quick programming of your unit.
    • Automatic operations. This function is very useful, and usually comes bundled with power-saving options. The system will be able to operate automatically according to the current temperature, selecting the most efficient mode.
    • Self-diagnostic. Be sure to ask about this key feature when deciding between models for your air conditioner installation. This microcomputer of sorts will be able to analyze faults in the system, and provide you with accurate information regarding the required maintenance.

Call Air Plus for All Your Air Conditioning Needs in Toronto

Contrary to some stereotypes, it is entirely possible to get a great deal when you are looking for a new air conditioner installation. Talking to local dealers is usually the best option, and you will usually be able to negotiate a price that includes the unit, the installation costs, and even future servicing and maintenance.

Air Plus is one of the premier air conditioner installation companies in the Greater Toronto Area; we have been in the business for twenty years and counting. We provide all our clients with the highest quality products and service possible. If you need further advice regarding which type of air conditioning unit or system to choose, give us a call today.

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