Leaking Water: Are you in the Toronto area and need Air Conditioner repair?

Trying to live without air conditioning during the sweltering summer heat is near impossible. Knowing this, you’ve done your homework and invested in a top-quality machine, keeping your home cool and liveable during the hottest summer months. However, even state-of-the-art machines require occasional air conditioner repair. As a broken down system can be devastating, be sure to take preventative steps. But when exactly should you call a heating and cooling expert for air conditioner repair?

  1. 1.                   Water Leaks are the Most Common Symptom

The most common reason you may find yourself in need of air conditioner repair is when your machine is leaking water. The following factors may cause this to happen:

  • The condenser pump may be broken. This is a crucial part of the air conditioner and if it’s not fixed promptly, the entire machine will eventually break down.
  • The machine may not have been properly installed. It goes without saying that if this isn’t dealt with, you’ll continue to have problems.
  • The drain hole could be blocked. Air conditioners need to continually drain condensation and sometimes the drain hole gets plugged up with dirt. This causes a pool of water to form. Clearing the drain is an easy and necessary fix.
  1. 2.                   What are the Risks Involved?

Many people casually dismiss this problem, not knowing why air conditioner repair is necessary. Don’t be one of them. These are the results of a leaky machine:

  • A leaky air conditioner costs you money. You’re paying for energy that isn’t translating into a cooler home. That should be clear motivation to get the machine fixed.
  • Failing to take care of the problem will increase the wear and tear on the machine, potentially causing lasting damage and/or a breakdown of the system. A small repair now is easier and cheaper than a big repair down the road.
  • Ignoring the problem until it’s too late means having to buy a completely new system. A low-end central air conditioner costs about $3,000, and you can easily find yourself spending upwards of $5,000. You can avoid taking this financial hit if you pay attention to early warning signs.

Looks Like My Leaky Machine Needs Air Conditioner Repair. Who Should I Call?

In many cases you can take care of the problem yourself. If not, the phonebook in Toronto has pages upon pages of repair companies advertising themselves as the best in the business. Many of these of fine, but one company stands above the rest. AirPlus Heating & Cooling are absolutely the people you should call first. Here’s why:

  • AirPlus employs only the best technicians available. We’ve built a reputation over the years as a top heating and cooling company, and it’s due in no small part to our highly qualified employees. They’ve seen and done it all, and it shows in the quality of their work.
  • Not all machines are the same, and our staff knows the difference. We repair central air conditioners, ductless ACs and high velocity air conditioners. Regardless of the system your home uses, we have the tools and expertise to get it running smoothly once again.
  • We work 24/7. No matter the time of day, the experts at Airplus will come to your home. If your unit starts leaking at 2 AM on the hottest day of the year, we’ve got you covered.
  • You don’t need to worry about high fees or unexpected costs. There is a price estimator feature on our website, so you’ll know in advance that you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you’re currently experiencing problems with a leaky air conditioner, or have any other kind of issue and require air conditioner repair, contact the team at AirPlus today on (416) 298-6874 or visit our website at www.airplus.ca.

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