Why You Might Want to Consider Replacing Your Central Air Conditioner and Furnace at the Same Time

The chill of winter is a delightful accompaniment to snowman building, just as the sun’s rays can make that lemonade even more refreshing on a sultry day. But at a certain point, even the hardiest of us is driven into the house, seeking relief from the extreme Toronto weather. Unfortunately, you’re met with disappointment if your central air conditioner is sputtering or your furnace is ready to give up the ghost. Replacing heating and cooling units is a big decision. Maybe air conditioner repair is an option; it has seen its best years but could give you a couple more. Your furnace, on the other hand, has called it quits. Do you take the plunge and replace both at once? Though it may initially seem costly, it’s more likely to save you time and money.

Reasons to Replace Your Furnace and Central Air Conditioner at the Same Time

  • Optimal Energy Efficiency – Modern heating and cooling units are required to meet a minimum standard of efficiency, making them significantly more productive with less waste than their predecessors of even 10 years ago.  The decrease in energy costs is an obvious benefit, and you can also feel good knowing that your impact on the environment is lower than it was before.
  • A One-Time Job – Because replacement can be a time-consuming process, consider simultaneous installation of your central air conditioner and furnace system. It’ll save you the headache of opening your house to two weekends of construction.
  • Upgrade – Few things are more appealing to prospective homeowners than new appliances. The decision to install a new heating and cooling system is a shrewd investment that increases the value of your home. So while you’re ensuring comfort in the present, you’re also planning for the future.
  •  Maintenance with Ease– Your central air conditioner and furnace are the same age, which means that during their respective seasons, each is humming along at peak performance, providing the level of comfort that you expect. Little maintenance is necessary and easily done at home between quarterly inspections by a professional.
  • The Old Relying on the New– Suppose you do decide to replace your furnace but want to hold onto the old air conditioner. When fall gives you a preview of an especially harsh Toronto winter, it seems more practical to prepare for the approaching season. Summer is a ways off; you’ll consider a new air conditioner next spring. But did you know that your furnace and air conditioner share an important component? Because both rely on the same air handler, the newer unit will have to work harder to keep your house toasty. This means more energy is being consumed than necessary, something that will be painfully obvious when you receive your utility bills. Over time, diminished performance will be noticeable and frequent maintenance inevitable.
  • The Risk of No Warranty– The decision of replacing one unit while keeping the old welcomes the likelihood that a warranty won’t be offered, which is a difficult prospect for the consumer. Unfortunately, the chance of the new unit suffering breakdowns increases when it’s compelled to pick up the slack of the older one. A company installing a new appliance will not want to take responsibility for issues that would otherwise be absent with a total overhaul of your heating and cooling system.

We understand that committing to a complete replacement of your central air conditioner and furnace is no simple decision. However, the amount of time and money saved means you’ll be free to focus on the rest of life’s details—all in the comfort of your home.

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