How much does a new Air Conditioner cost?

So How much does a new Air Conditioner Cost? Understandably this is one of the most common questions we are asked. It is also one of the most common Google search terms in our industry. At you can find the answer.

There are many good reasons to have a  qualified professional come to evaluate your home, to provide guidance and advice on selecting the right Air Conditioner, and to give you detailed feedback about installation issues. However, if you are looking only for prices, you can now find them at AirPlus Canada’s online store. And once you’ve decided on a purchase – you can buy online, any time, any day!



There are three parts that combine to make your air conditioner price:

  1. The equipment selected – Brand, Size and Model
  2. The ease of installation – Typical or Custom
  3. The quality of the company selling the Air Conditioner



The quality of the brand  of Air  Conditioner you select will impact your price. AirPlus sells Trane, the most respected AC brand in North America, and also Ameristar, a value based brand  manufactured by Trane’s parent company Ingersol-Rand. Trane Air Conditioners are of the highest quality available on the market, while Ameristar focuses on value conscious customers. Size of your Air Conditioner is only related to the size and characteristics of your home and your current furnace. Larger is more expensive than smaller, but larger is not necessarily better – there is a right size AC for your home, you can find more about sizing on our website or at Each brand will have a number of models that provide different features, capabilities and  energy efficiency.



Our online prices assumes a standard installation. For Central Air Conditioning, this means a standard basement furnace room, with an accessible path to add the evaporator coil and the copper lineset, sufficient ceiling height, and  an existing furnace that can properly handle the new coil, easy access condensate drainage and available ( to code) electrical connection. For the outside condenser coil unit, this means a total distance of no more than 20 linear feet to the furnace or electrical panel, by-law compliant space to install the condenser on a pad or bracket, and easy access to the location you wish to place the outside unit. Most homes will easily fit in to this category. Older homes, larger homes, homes with extensive landscaping, and homes  with finished basements can  cause additional installation costs. If you are unsure contact  us by email or phone and we can get you answers right away.



AirPlus has over 14,000 clients and has been operating for over 23 years. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and we almost always get it right. When we run into post installation issues, AirPlus has a 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee, to ensure our clients are completely satisfies with their purchase. AirPlus also offers, through our extensive partner network, extended labour warranties on new and used equipment, as well as financing options that fit every budget. AirPlus is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately many companies in our industry are not interested in your satisfaction, and will look to take advantage. If you want to know that a company will be available to help you out, look for a company that is BBB rated and has been in operation for  a long time. We recommend thinking of your Air Conditioner as a long term relationship with AirPlus Canada, rather than a one-time transaction.

So How Much does an Air Conditioner Cost? Find our at, where you can see real pricing, pay by credit card, arrange financing, select the Air Conditioner you want and even schedule your installation date. AirPlus Canada – Live Healthy – Live Better ! 416.298.6874


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