Why You Should Never Attempt a DIY Furnace Installation

Furnace InstallationIf your furnace recently stopped working and you were told by a qualified repair technician that the price to repair the fault would exceed that of a brand new furnace, the latter option usually makes the most sense financially. While you may be able to pick out your new furnace on your own owing to the array of helpful resources online, carrying out a furnace installation yourself is usually a step too far; in fact it is something we strictly advise you not to do if you haven’t completed a certified training program. Do-it-yourself articles found by doing a quick Google search and videos found on YouTube make a furnace installation look like a fairly straightforward task. But don’t let them fool you. A furnace installation that is done wrong can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to put right, and can even pose a serious threat to your health. During this article we are going to point out some of the main reasons why you should pick up the phone and contact a professional HVAC company like AirPlus when you want to have a new furnace installed.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid a DIY Furnace Installation at All Costs

  • Incorrect Tools – The majority of homeowners who do attempt to complete a furnace installation themselves, do so in order to try and save money. So what happens when they don’t have the proper tools for the job? Do they go out to a hardware store and buy all the tools and equipment needed to complete a furnace installation? No, more often than not they improvise using the tools they do have in order to avoid incurring additional expenses. The problem with this is that by failing to use the right tools you could potentially cause damage to the furnace unit. An AirPlus technician will always arrive at your location with all the tools, equipment and supplies that could possibly be needed.
  • Lack of Knowledge – Furnace installations require specialist knowledge that can only be acquired by completing an accredited training program and through firsthand practical experience. Just as you take your car to a certified mechanic when you need your brake discs changed or a new catalytic converter fitting, a furnace installation should only ever be handled by a licensed professional. An excellent understanding of the internal components is required and it is essential that everything is connected and set-up right before the furnace is used.
  • Long Term Losses – The chances of an unqualified individual successfully installing a furnace so that it functions correctly are minimal. The chances of the same person completing a furnace installation so that the unit functions at optimal efficiency are almost non-existent. This means that even if you do manage to install the furnace yourself, it will likely perform inefficiently and use far more fuel to produce heat than should be required, increasing your energy bills significantly. Over the lifetime of a furnace, which can last decades if properly maintained, this would result in you overpaying by thousands of dollars for your home heating. Contrast this with a professional furnace installation; it is guaranteed to be installed so it functions as efficiently as possible.
  • Potential Health Hazards – Furnaces, particularly gas furnaces, can be deadly when not prepared and installed properly. Damaging an internal component or failing to connect the gas supply properly can result in lethal levels of carbon monoxide leaking into your property, which is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Needless to say, the consequences of such an event occurring can be devastating. For this reason, it’s vital that you choose to have your furnace installation completed by a professional, who will fully test the unit and ensure it is completely safe before leaving your property.

Contact the Furnace Installation Experts at AirPlus Today

AirPlus offers an unrivalled level of service in the Toronto area, carrying out furnace installations, repair work and annual services to industry leading standards, while still ensuring costs are affordable for the average homeowner. We can do much more than simply turn up on the day and fit your unit. Our furnace installation service also includes:

  • Assessing your home’s heating requirements. When installing a new furnace it’s important to take numerous factors into account to determine the most appropriate model. These include aspects such as the size of your home, the number of occupants and the frequency of use. We typically advise all our clients to invest in a model that carries a high efficiency rating in order to realize even greater long term savings.
  • Help when you need it. After your furnace installation has been completed, if you require some assistance because your furnace doesn’t appear to be functioning properly, we are only a phone call away. Your home’s heating is our number one priority. For high quality furnace installation in the Greater Toronto Area there is no better service provider than AirPlus.

Contact Air today to set up a free Furnace Installation consultation.

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