After Having a New Furnace Installation is an Annual Service Really Necessary?

Furnace InstallationHave you just had a new furnace installation completed at your property in Toronto, spending serious amounts of money in the process? We know that probably the last thing on your mind right now is spending more money on your furnace, but in order to ensure your furnace continues to operate at a high level of energy efficiency so that you can enjoy paying less for your energy every year, it’s necessary to have an annual service carried out on your system by a trained furnace repair technician. We often receive questions relating to annual services after completing a furnace installation, with many clients asking if they are absolutely necessary and what effect skipping them will have. First of all, in response to the first part of that question the answer is a resounding YES! With regards to the second half of the question, there could potentially be many consequences of not having an annual service carried out on your system, but the one effect that it will undoubtedly have is a decrease in performance, meaning you actually pay more for your energy bills. We are now going to explore the reasons why we would advise you to have your furnace installation checked once every 12 months.

Why Should Your New Furnace Installation Be Checked Annually By a Professional?

While it’s not a legal requirement to have your furnace checked over by a properly trained contractor, there are many reasons to do so. Some of the main ones include the following:

  • Maintain Performance – While there are various maintenance tasks that you can do yourself, a professional service involves inspecting, cleaning and repairing components of your furnace installation that you can’t access easily. If these parts of your furnace are not maintained on an annual basis their condition will deteriorate and the efficiency at which the unit operates will suffer as a result. A professional service ensures your energy bills are kept as low as possible.
  • Identify Faults – When carrying out a service on your furnace, the contractor might pick up on faults that are either affecting the performance of your heating system or that pose a threat to your health. They may also be able to change worn components that are likely to cease functioning in the near future, thus preventing the inconvenience of having to call for furnace repair.
  • Protect Your Warranty – The warranties offered by many furnace manufacturers do not cover you if a fault develops as a result of neglecting to carry out maintenance on the unit. This could cost you dearly if a serious fault develops and the manufacturer refuses to replace your furnace.

What Will a Contractor Do When Servicing Your Furnace?

This varies from firm to firm, since many will offer different “levels” of service, with some more comprehensive than others. There is no real industry standard for these checks and it’s extremely important that you always hire a reputable HVAC contractor, who will more than likely do the following:

  • Check the vents are not blocked or leaking.
  • Complete an analysis of combustion gases to check they match manufacturer specifications.
  • Ensure the blower access door forms a tight seal around the furnace.
  • Check that intake grills and louvers are not blocked.
  • Look for signs of rust and corrosion on the heat exchanger.
  • Check the ignition is working properly, as well as checking the burner flame and flame sense.
  • Make sure the furnace’s drain is not blocked.
  • Clean the blower wheel.
  • Ensure the wiring is in good condition.
  • Remove the filters to check they are clean.

Can You Carry Out the Annual Service Yourself?

Theoretically you could attempt to carry out the annual service yourself, but we’ve yet to come across a homeowner in Toronto that had the necessary knowledge to do the things we just mentioned above. Watching video demonstrations online or just blindly attempting to carry out these tasks and hoping what you are doing is correct is a sure fire way to cause damage and really need the help of a furnace repair specialist, costing yourself more money in the process! However, before you hire a company to do the work for you, always enquire about what is actually included in the service. Many, if not all, of the items in the list above should be included.
The cost of an annual service for your furnace installation is relatively minimal in comparison to the benefits that it offers and by hiring a trained HVAC contractor to do the work, it is guaranteed to be done to a high standard. AirPlus operates in Toronto and offers furnace installation and furnace repair in addition to annual service checks.

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