Omega AC system repair in your Condo Unit or Apartment?

woman staying cool

If you have an Omega AC system repair  in your Condo Unit or Apartment, AirPlus Canada can fix it!.

Many condominiums and apartments built in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area over the past 20 years came with an Omega AC and heating system. A common model is the Omega HRP 60. The useful life of these units is about 10 years, and a common repair issue is the breakdown of the compressor unit.

AirPlus Canada, 416.298.6874, is an expert in fast,inexpensive and reliable repair or replacement of your Omega system.

We can have a new unit installed as early as today. Call the experts at AirPlus Canada and get your Condo Unit cool again!

AirPlus Canada is a leading provider of service, maintenance, repair and replacement of HVAC systems for homes and buildings in the Greater Toronto A.rea. Since 1993 we’ve delighted over 14,000 customers. We service and repair all makes and models of residential, condominium, and small commercial HVAC systems. We are a registered Trane dealer and can provide financing for new equipment purchases.



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