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Tankless Prices

Tankless – On Demand  – Water Heater Prices.

Save 5% on furnace or air conditioner when you buy at the same time.




Proper sizing is essential to comfort, efficiency and reliability. A trained comfort consultant from AirPlus can confirm the size of equipment needed for your home. Our sizing selector will give you rules of thumb to help you size the right equipment for your home.


The final price of your equipment is based on a number of factors including size, features, building code and condition of existing equipment.

Good – Better – Best:

Like any market, the selection of features and quality will impact the price, so at AirPlus we give buyers THREE CHOICES to choose from.


Furnace – A high  efficiency furnace, 95% AFUE, with an ECM Motor which will be eligible for a $250 cash rebate. Solid, reliable and the best value.

A/C – A 13 SEER air conditioning system. Still great efficiency and tailored to a shorter Canadian summer. Solid, reliable and the best value.

Tankless Water Heater – A 95% efficient unit with a good flow rate.


Furnace – A high efficiency furnace, 96%+ AFUE, with an ECM Motor and a Two Stage gas valve. $250 rebate. The best seller and highly efficient.

A/C – 16 SEER, single compressor air conditioning system. $400 rebate and matched to the Furnace. The best seller and highly efficient.

Tankless Water Heater – 99% efficient, better flow rate, easier servicing, wifi possibility.


Furnace – Top of the line, 97%+ AFUE, Variable Speed ECM, Modulating gas valve, Communicating control board. Best you can buy.$250 rebate.

A/C – 20 SEER, dual compressor air conditioning system. Communicating control, $400 rebate, matched system. Best you can buy.

Tankless Water Heater – 99% efficient, best flow rate, easier servicing, wifi possibility. The best you can buy.


Yes, the prices include installation and include the following allowances and expectations:

  • 5 Hours for a single unit ( Furnace or A/C or Tankless)
  • 10 Hours for a combination
  • 20 linear feet of System 636 venting (2″ up to 80,000 BTU, 3″ 100,000 BTU and higher)
  • 25 linear feet of copper refrigeration line set
  • In situ and available drainage within 6 feet of installation
  • Control and stat wiring in place and useable.
  • Code compliant electrical  system in place, with service to the install location and panel availability
  • Potable water in place, with service to the install location (Boiler & Hot Water)
  • Adequate gas line service to the install location
  • Use of existing supply and return duct work, with only minor modifications required.
  • Clear and on-time access  to and use of space required for installation.
  • Parking of one vehicle during the installation.

Most installation meet the expectations listed above – so you wont see extra charges.

Our – no-surprises guarantee ensures that if an AirPlus Comfort Specialist inspects your home prior to the installation, you will not be charged ‘additional expenses’ for basic installations.

Choose the category of product you are looking for, submit and verify your email address and contact numbers and you’ll have complete access to all prices for AirPlus products and services. It’s that simple. And when you require a written price estimate – simply contact us via email, phone or social media and we will have it to you in no time.

Many clients use prices to compare to get the best deal, and while a price quote will help – its really just the beginning of your analysis. If you know exactly what you want, and you can accurately describe the conditions an install team will face you’re well ahead.

Our listed prices are based on a standard installation, using a set amount of materials, and given an assumed amount of installation time. 95% of our over 14,000 installations fall into that category.If your situation is a standard situation – the price you see will be the final price ( before HST). If you are looking for add on’s like a humidifier, air cleaner or thermostat – call or email us and we will get you a price.

AirPlus provides the following discounts off of our posted prices:

  • Registered Not for Profit Organizations  – 10%
  • Seniors who have retired – 5%
  • Multiple unit discounts – 5% off each additional unit
  • 1400 Club members – 10% off
  • Paying via cash or cheque 2% off

We will apply discounts automatically if we know your details. If you think you are eligible for a discount – call us, email us and let us know!


At AirPlus we think buying a new furnace or air conditioner should be easy, so we also offer financing that has generous and flexible payment terms.

Every pricing page will list a cash price and a financed price. We are not going to hide our finance costs like our competitors – when we offer 3 months no payment – there is a cost for that, which you will see. Financing is an easy way to ensure that your family is comfortable and healthy all year long – a financing pre-approval is easy, quick and has no obligation. Online pre-approval is also safe, private and secure – once you’ve been approved you can shop for exactly the system that meets your needs.

AirPlus Canada believes the quality of the installation is even more important than the brand of the appliance you buy, so we guarantee installation performance for a full year, to help you get the most value for your investment.

And speaking of investment, upgrading low efficiency furnaces, air conditioners and hot water tanks to new condensing high efficiency units can be a better investment than anything Bay Street can offer you. With the rising prices of electricity and natural gas, your Return On Investment can exceed 20% – see if your broker or mutual fund advisor can offer anything with that level of return!

Warranties are also an important consideration. Years ago, the manufacturers in this industry stopped including labour costs in their warranty. That means that if you need a repair, the manufacturers warranty will cover  the cost of the part, but not the administration to get the part or the labour costs to actually do the repair. As a result you will still end up paying hundreds of dollars to repair an appliance that is covered by the manufacturers warranty – unless you have purchased an extended warranty plan. These extended warranty plans, which AirPlus Canada offers, will cover the labour costs for up to 10 years after the purchase of your new appliance. We’ve added prices for these plans to our price lists, so you can see and choose them as you wish. And a final note on warranty – make sure you regularly record the annual maintenance on your appliance – all warranties will be voided if you do not properly care for them. It’s just like your car warranty – if you don’t change the oil – they wont honour the warranty.

Ok – so thats it – you’re ready to start the buying process – click on the category for the price you want – make sure you have submitted a validated email address and agree to our terms and conditions – and start shopping – at AirPlus we revolutionize the art of HVAC each and every day.


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"I just want to say how much I appreciated the prompt service yesterday. Joseph the technician was wonderful. He knew his trade well and he was so polite and pleasant. He did a terrific job, was very thorough and left the furnace and humidifier working in good order. Thanks again."

— Margaret, Scarborough


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