Purchasing Guide: Heating or Cooling System

Follow these three easy steps to purchasing your next heating or cooling system.


Assess and Prioritize Your Needs – It’s better to plan ahead while your system is still working rather than have it break down in the middle of extreme weather conditions.  Use this worksheet during the entire purchasing process—from evaluating and prioritizing your needs to meeting with a dealer—to ensure you and your family are getting the right Trane system for your home.


Learn About What’s New – Recent innovations in heating and cooling technology make this an exciting time to upgrade your home’s system.


Select the Trane That’s Right for You – We know there’s much to consider when purchasing a heating and cooling system, but also that the right system will always pay off.  Reliability is the attribute you’ll want to spend the most time researching—you want to make sure the investment you’re making now is an investment that will last for many years to come. Comparing brand reliability can help you in the decision-making process.

Choose Airplus Heating and Cooling as your homes Comfort, Health and Efficiency adviser – Let us help you make the process seamless with the right tools and the right knowledge so that you can choose a solution thats right for you.

Download the full Trane Purchasing Guide to prepare for your next Heating and Cooling purchase.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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