REBATES – rebates – REBATES!




Yes – there are rebates from the utility companies in our service area that can greatly reduce the cost of replacing your Furnace, Boiler or Hot Water Tank. And its not just $250 – you could receive as much as $2200 when you replace your furnace!

Programs are offered by your electricity and gas utility companies, and conditions apply.

Generally – a $250 rebate from the electric utility will apply to all furnace upgrades that include a high efficiency ECM (DC) motor.

Rebates from the gas utility companies require a low cost energy audit – but if you qualify with about 15% expected energy reduction you should receive another $850!

Homeowners who are significantly improving energy efficiency by upgrading hot water tanks, boiler or furnace as well as insulation improvements could be receiving as much as $1950 from Enbridge.

As you would expect, conditions apply, so your best option is to call AirPlus at 416.298.6874 or email us at so that we can help you navigate your decision.

Most customers who upgrade their furnace and hot water tank under this program receive $1100 – this can represent 20% of the cost – a real break for you and your family. Additionally – you could see reductions in your monthly utility bills by as much as 35%.

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