Signs that Your Heating and Air Cooling Systems Need Servicing

There are very few things in the average household that could be placed above the heating and cooling in terms of importance. Imagine trying to survive those awfully cold winters we experience year after year in the Toronto area without a heating system functioning at its optimum. Or think how unbearable your home would be in the stifling humidity of summer if your air conditioning wasn’t working as it should. You get the picture — it’s essential that your heating and cooling systems are doing their respective jobs properly when called upon. But that begs the question “how do you know if these system are working properly?” Unless you have received professional HVAC training and are familiar with all the components that are used to construct heating and coooling systems, it’s usually easier to look out for signs that something is wrong. During this article we are going to point out some of the most obvious giveaways that your heating or cooling unit needs a service. If you spot any of these signs we would advise you to refrain from taking it upon yourself to carry out the service as you could potentially do further damage. Instead call the Toronto based experts at AirPlus Heating & Cooling.

Know When Your Heating and cooling Systems Require Professional Attention

We’ve all done it. Noticed a problem with the heating or cooling and chose to ignore it, hoping it would somehow fix itself. This rarely, if ever, happens and puts your heating and cooling units at risk of sustaining even more damage. If you spot any of these signs pick up the phone and call (416) 298-6874 as soon as you can.

Heating System

  • Loud Noises – While you might think that the fact your heating unit is making loud noises doesn’t mean its performance is affected, that’s rarely the case. These noises could be caused by any one of a number of thing. One of the internal components may have been damaged. Perhaps it’s the belt drive or maybe other items have worked themselves loose. Whatever the reason your heating system won’t continue to function for long.
  • Strange Smells – Sometimes when a heating unit is inactive for long periods of time, such as through the summer, when it is initially restarted as the temperatures in Toronto start to drop and winter creeps up on us, there may be a brief smell of burning. This is usually just heat reacting with dust that has settled on the system over the summer and shouldn’t persist for more than a few minutes. If it does it’s time to call a heating and cooling expert.
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat – If your heating unit no longer produces the same amount of heat it once did on a particular setting and you have been forced to turn it up a notch or two, it could be that the air vents on the unit have become blocked or obstructed in some way. If that’s not the case other causes include a broken thermostat, which would need replacing, or a build-up of mineral deposits on internal components.

Cooling System

  • Not Producing Cold Air – This is one of the most obvious signs that you require the assistance of a HVAC technician to carry out a service. If your system is blowing warm air it could be that the refrigerant needs topping up, the compressor needs replacing or a new air filter needs to be installed.
  • Water Leak – Under normal circumstances your cooling unit should not produce any water as a by product, so if you notice a puddle of water underneath the unit pick up the phone and call us. Sometimes a leak may just be an indication that something needs tightening up while on other occasions it could be a sign of a more serious problem. You should never take off the unit’s casing and touch internal components unless you have been trained to do so.
  • Restricted Airflow – The amount of air blown out by your AC unit should be noticeable. If you believe this level of airflow has dropped or some rooms appear to be receiving more cold air than others, it could be an indication that the compressor needs replacing.

Always Pay Close Attention to Heating and cooling Bills

You should always keep an eye on your energy bills and become accustomed to your “normal” level of energy consumption at various point throughout the year. If this suddenly spikes and your bill doubles from one month to the next, this is a sure sign that something is not quite right. This applies to both heating and cooling systems and often means a component needs replacing or that it’s time for a general tune up.
AirPlus has been serving clients across Toronto for 20 years, helping to ensure heating and cooling units are running as efficiently as possible and consuming the minimum amount of energy necessary. If you believe you are paying more than you should on your energy bills or that there is a fault with either your heating system or your cooling unit,

Call us today for your heating and cooling needs.

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