Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement for Toronto Homeowners

When installing a new heating or cooling system or having an existing system repaired, homeowners will often be given the opportunity to purchase an HVAC maintenance agreement. These plans are an agreement between the homeowner and the HVAC contractor that you will pay a set fee in return for an array of essential services for your heating/cooling system.

Exact terms vary from one contractor to another so homeowners should always take care to know what they’re paying for before they buy. Any reputable, established heating and cooling service provider will be happy to discuss the exact details of their agreement  and we will gladly explain the details of both our Protection and Maintenance Agreements..

Six Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement by AirPlus:

  1. Lower operating costs – Properly-maintained equipment runs more efficiently and uses less energy. All required energy efficiency ratings on new heating and cooling units are calculated on the assumption that the equipment will receive regular maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician.
  2. Fewer breakdowns – Small problems turn into big ones and equipment that’s not properly maintained eventually fails. You can count on one thing: When your heating and cooling system goes down, it will usually be at the most inconvenient time.
  3. Longer service life – Today’s furnaces and A/C units are engineered for more years of trouble-free performance than your old equipment. However, extended service life depends on the kind of regular inspections and maintenance included in the terms of an HVAC service agreement.
  4. Enhanced comfort – The first sign of declining capacity in an air conditioner or furnace is often a less comfortable home. Qualified service keeps you in the comfort zone.
  5. Priority response – When demands for repair or service are high, such as during a long cold spell or heat wave, it’s nice to know an HVAC service agreement moves you to the top of the list for a service appointment.
  6. Money savings – Most preventive maintenance procedures included in a service agreement are items any responsible homeowner gets done, anyway. The cumulative price of purchasing these services individually typically exceeds the cost of an HVAC service agreement.

For more details on an AirPlus Protection, Maintenance or Protection & Maintenance agreement, contact us:

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