First Class All the Way

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I called AirPlus as I was having issues with my hot water tank. They ended up coming a couple of times to try different parts suggested by the water tank maker. I was worried towards the end that the cost of the repair was going to be more than the cost of buying a new unit. They kept at it, fixed the problem at a very reasonable rate given all the work effort – through no fault of theirs. The AirPlus tech was extremely polite with both myself as well as the water tank maker tech on the phone providing assistance – there were time when I wanted to yell at the water tank tech, but the AirPlus tech remained calm and got the job done. My furnace also started to act up on the last day and the AirPlus tech shifted gears and fixed that as well. AirPlus are the only ones I will ever call for any of my Heating or cooling concerns. Way to go AirPlus – First Class all the way.


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