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Trane Air Conditioners

Reliable Cooling At A Lower Operating Cost

Flexible family comfort, with the ability to cool every room to the right temperature efficiently. Trane’s comprehensive line of Air Conditioners offers a variety of choices from standard efficiency units to high and ultra-efficiency models.

Inside the Trane’s XLi Air conditioners:  Trane’s exclusive XLi product family is designed to maximize energy saving, maintain event cool temperature and most importunately offers a reliable solution that made Trane an industry leader.


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Here is a summary of just a few unique features that make a Trane XLi Air Conditioner one of the industry’s most reliable products you can choose:
Trane Air Conditioner Example

  1. ComfortLink™ II Control Board ensures that every component of the system is in constant digital communication so it optimizes its operations for maximum comfort and efficiency.
  2. Charge Assist™ simplifies the installation and servicing of the equipment by improving the accuracy of the refrigerant charging.
  3. Climatuff™ Compressor The heart of our system and known throughout the industry for its reliability and performance.
  4. Simplified Wire Connections allow for easier installation and reduce the need for structural modifications on site.
  5. Full sided Louvered Panels improve airflow efficiencies and protect the internal components.
  6. Power-Paint Finish offers additional protection against corrosion and rust.
  7. WeatherGuard Fasteners Zinc coated for long life and corrosion resistance.
  8. All aluminum Spine Fin™ Coil improves heat transfer and offers improved reliability performance compared to traditional copper coils.
  9. Duratuff™ Basepan Molded-in color will not fade. Withstands 135° 20-year accelerated heat test. Won’t crack, warp, corrode or rust. Withstands an 800-pound load.
  10. Compressor Sound Insulator to reduce operating noise.
  11. WeatherGuard™ II Top Withstands 1,440 hours of 194 degrees of desert heat. Withstands 100 ft/lbs of impact in -35 degrees arctic cold. Withstands a 300-pound load. Withstands the impact of a 90 mph fastball.
  12. Integrated Fan System designed by Trane to reduce noise and to enhance overall system efficiencies. Unique blade-down design.



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"I just want to say how much I appreciated the prompt service yesterday. Joseph the technician was wonderful. He knew his trade well and he was so polite and pleasant. He did a terrific job, was very thorough and left the furnace and humidifier working in good order. Thanks again."

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